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Stuck in limbo

My life is a repetitive cycle of meaningless hours of which every second I spend is on drowning in self pity and loneliness, but never making an effort in swimming to to the shore where the world made it seem is where the happiness lingers. And maybe it's true that swimming was never something to be self taught and people like us were always meant to be the outcasts, daydreaming of getting treated the same way other people treat each other.
All the little things I've been feeling for the longest time have been piling up in the small space between my vocals cords making sure I never articulate my feelings on how the world around me makes me feel about myself. And even then my brain is infested by the constant screaming noise letting me know no one will sympathize with me, but can you even blame them? We're all animals of selfish desire to see each other in agony and despair so that our lives seem a little less shitty... n of course that lasts for moments until it's back to limbo again.
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